Emmanuel's Touch Therapy

Holistic care that combines the best of  Physical Therapy &
Osteopathic Medicine, with the Healing Power of Touch, &
the Power of Prayer to bring Peace of Mind, Body & Spirit.

 "Hope & Encouragement are important keys for healing."

Music and Words of Encouragement 

Words of Wisdom: "Unforgiveness, anger, and resentment block healing."  Physical healing  cannot occur without healing of the mind & spirit. Let negative thoughts and emotions go so that the Lord can restore you to wholeness.   Matthew 6:15 

 Laughter heals people too . . .  "Praise the Lord!"

Surrender your life to the Lord . . . and be made new!

Connect with pets and people.  Love heals . . .

Pets give unconditional love, and lower BP, etc.

Pet Therapy Photo Gallery (below) & Link to Pet Therapy training: