Emmanuel's Touch Therapy

Holistic care that combines the best of  Physical Therapy &
Osteopathic Medicine, with the Healing Power of Touch, &
the Power of Prayer to bring Peace of Mind, Body & Spirit.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy:  Occipital release for neck.

Craniosacral Therapy is a very light touch treatment that is done to the head, neck, and spine, to decrease pain, and restore the natural rhythm and function the central nervous system.  It can be used safely on adults or children, including infants.  It is useful in treating infants who may have sustained birth trauma during delivery.  It can be used to calm and balance children with hyperactivity and those who are autistic.  It can be helpful in treating anyone who has sustained a closed head injury or post-concussion syndrome.  It has helped those who suffer from back or neck pain, as well as those who deal with widespread symptoms or chronic pain like fibromyalgia or anxiety.

Conditions treated by Craniosacral Therapy include:

Arthritis pain

Ankle & foot problems


Autism & ADHD

Bursitis & tendonitis

Birth trauma

Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Chronic pain

Elbow Pain


Hand & Wrist pain


Hip pain

Joint pain & stiffness

Knee pain


Muscle pain

Myofascial pain

Nerve Pain

Neck & Back pain

Pelvic & SI joint pain

Plagiocephaly (flat head)

Plantar Fascitis

Post-surgical pain


Painful scars

Shoulder problems

Stress-related pain



TMJ pain and alignment


Trigger points


Pictures of Craniosacral Therapy Treatment

Videos:  Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy

 Craniosacral Therapy for Adults

     Craniosacral Therapy for Toddlers and Infants

      Craniosacral Therapy with Unwinding

     Craniosacral Therapy for Adults with PTSD                          Craniosacral Therapy & Autism/ADD

Craniosacral Therapy In Kids
           Birth Injuries
           Cerebral Palsy
           Developmental Delays
           Ear Infections
           Failure to Thrive
           Feeding Problems
          "Growing Pains"
           Neurological Problems
           Orthopedic Problems
           Sensory Problems
           Tactile Defensiveness
           Tendon Issues and more . . .

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